Special Orders

Placing a Special Order for Spring Pick-up is a wonderful way to ensure the trees, plants or shrubs you need will be available.

There is no minimum purchase to place a special order, and all quantity discounts still apply! YAY!

Special Order "POTTED SPRING PICK-UP" Nursery Stock

* If available, all potted nursery stock is also available as Special Order Potted stock for early spring pick-up from our nursery.  This is a wonderful way to get your desired nursery stock if you want to guarantee getting your desired nursery stock and not have to worry about items selling out before you can make it to the nursery to shop.  No crowds and no hassle!  All Special Order Spring orders will receive priority over the general public, providing you with some of the best stock, handpicked by the Daisy Girl.  Placing this type of Special Order also provide you, the plant client, the convenience of pick-up when it works best for you.  It is a WONDERFUL way to get exactly what you want when you want it, with the added assurance of your trees, shrubs or plants being some of the best of the best.  There is no minimum purchase to place your special order, and all quantity discounts still apply!

* All Special Order Nursery 'Pick-up' items need to be ordered and deposit paid no later than November 30th for the next spring's availability.  No potted pre-orders can be taken after November 30th unless prior arrangements have been made with the Daisy Girl.

* All Special Order Potted Nursery items require a 50% non-refundable deposit at time of order.  

* All Special Orders can be paid by cash or personal check.  Sorry, no credit card purchases on Special Orders.

* When you are ready to place your Special Order, please contact the Daisy Girl with your choices and you will be provided a personal quote.

* Please make checks payable to: "Daisy Girl Organic Perennials"

Are you building a new home and need trees/shrubs/plants & flowers, but not ready to plant?  We can help!

There is probably nothing more exciting than planning, then building a brand new home, including the joy of picking all your trees and landscape goodies, and deciding where to put everything> SO REWARDING!  But now you have a problem.  You have the land, you want to purchase your plant goodies before their all picked over, but the house is not built yet.  You don't dare plant anything in fear that during the construction phase someone is going to run over your treasures!

Problem solved!  Here at Daisy Girl Organic Perennial Trees/Plants/Flowers & Shrubs we understand your excitement and understand your need to purchase your landscape goodies early in the season.  You can put in a special order now, and pick up at your convenience -OR- come to our nursery and hand pick your treasures in the early spring, and we will hold and care for your entire order until your ready to plant!  There is no charge for this service, and all we ask is that your saved nursery stock is paid in full at the time of order.  YAY! 

We have provided this wonderful service to our valued nursery clients for several years now, and it is not only been quite popular, but very smart!  All of our discounts still apply to all our special orders, so there is no reason for you, the new home builder, to have your dream scape delayed.  Simply contact the daisy girl and request our complete list of tree/shrub & plant goodies.  We have a large selection of beatiful choices to help your dreams come true!

See you soon! :) 

~Our Nursery is Open from Early Spring -to- Late Autumn~

Plant our quality potted plants anytime! 

About Us

Daisy Girl Organic Perennials Trees Plants & Shrubs is an organic nursery in Erhard, Minnesota, that raises and sells trees, flowers, shrubs, and other popular plants. We are a family owned & operated business, offering a wide variety of nursery items to choose from to help make your garden or landscape look beautiful. Most of the trees, plants, and shrubs can be seen in our own yard and nursery as adult plantings, so when you come out you will be able to see the future of your own garden or yard!

We accept all major credit cards, and offer special price breaks for purchases of five items within the same price group. In addition, we offer gift certificates, which are perfect as housewarming or birthday gifts. Not only that, but we carry unity trees to give as wedding gifts for couples.

The staff at our nursery has more than 50 years of combined experience. We are a certified nursery by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture and have been in business for more than 25 years.