Organic Greenery for Your Lawn or Garden

Find a variety of plants, shrubs, trees, and flowers at Daisy Girl Organic Perennials Trees Plants & Shrubs, in Erhard, Minnesota. We specialize in organic greenery. We offer autumn-color and ornamental trees as well as fast growing and long-living trees. All of our plants are hardy enough for the Minnesota climate and work well in virtually any landscape design. 

Naturally Grown & Treated

Our trees, plants, flowers and shrubs ar naturally & organically grown in real dirt an potted in real dirt, not potting mediums.  Our only additives are our own composted horse manure, sunshine and pure Minnesota spring water to help them grow strong.  We also sell 75-lb bages of our composted horse manure so you can keep your plants and other greenery healthy.

Locally Grown Trees, Plants & Shrubs

We carry a wide variety of locally grown trees, including many species of Maple, Oak, and Fruit Trees.  Some of our popular fruit trees include fresh-eating apple, plum, pear, berry, and cherry trees.  We also carry nut trees, incluing Black Walnut, Chestnut and Butternut.  Other types of trees we carry include flowering or ornamental trees, windbreak, shelterbelt, specimen, yard, shade, privacy and several varieties of evergreen trees. 

Landscaping and Flowers

Popular Plants

Daisy Girl Organic Perennials Trees Plants & Shrubs carries many fruit shrubs, including cherry, as well as several species of berry shrubs. These are great to have in your yard to attract songbirds and other wildlife or for use in your own culinary creations. We also carry edible plants, including rhubarb, vine plants, and grapes, which are perfect for wine making, jams, jellies, and juices. Other plants we carry include:

Perennial & Annual Flowers • Hostas • Ground Covers • Ornamental Plants for Full Sun or Shade • Herbs


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Trees and plants start at $5.00 each, or five for $20.00, and go up to $100.00 each, or five for $480.00. We also offer many other larger trees with equal discounts. 

About Us

Daisy Girl Organic Perennials Trees Plants & Shrubs is an organic nursery in Erhard, Minnesota, that raises and sells trees, flowers, shrubs, and other popular plants. We are a family owned & operated business, offering a wide variety of nursery items to choose from to help make your garden or landscape look beautiful. Most of the trees, plants, and shrubs can be seen in our own yard and nursery as adult plantings, so when you come out you will be able to see the future of your own garden or yard!

We accept all major credit cards, and offer special price breaks for purchases of five items within the same price group. In addition, we offer gift certificates, which are perfect as housewarming or birthday gifts. Not only that, but we carry unity trees to give as wedding gifts for couples.

The staff at our nursery has more than 50 years of combined experience. We are a certified nursery by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture and have been in business for more than 25 years.